Affordable Tutoring

Welcome to! We’re Zane and John, two brothers out to bring affordable quality tutoring to you. We started because we noticed an ever-steepening learning curve in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and it can be hard for students, parents, and teachers to keep up. We send qualified professional STEM tutors to your aid that tailor tutoring sessions to your student’s needs.

We know that you’ve seen the obscene, $60/hour rates of those national tutoring companies. We want to bring more affordable tutoring to you without sacrificing quality. Here is the break down of our pricing:

  • Our standard tutoring rate is $35/hour, if you are willing to meet with our tutors within their preferred travel radius (usually within 5 miles). Nominal rate increases apply for meeting outside their travel radius.
  • Our online tutoring rate is $25/hour. We usually communicate through Skype or Google Hangouts. Though optional, we suggest using a graphics tablet, which allows us to work together on problems as if we were together in person. If desired, we’ll set you up with one for a nominal monthly rental fee.
  • We offer discounts for referring a friend to!
  • Tutoring sessions with multiple students are offered at discounted rates.
  • Most important, if you are not satisfied with a tutoring session, you owe us nothing!